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The Plant Manager is responsible for all activities within the Plant. In this role, the Plant Manager is responsible for ensuring that all management and employees are in conformance to the company quality system and high work standards to ensure that all activities meet or exceed all business goals. Demonstrate and communicate Watco's Customer First Foundation Principles by meeting customer expectations, adhering to Watco processes / procedures, safety standards, and service metrics through personal, hands-on leadership in all of the above areas.
The Plant Manager is directly responsible and accountable to lead and manage all employees / teams in the Plant to achieve all goals and objectives outlined. By leading the management and employees, the Plant Manager will deliver on the following performance objectives:
Asset Management - maximize efficiency and ensure that all preventive maintenance is completed
Auditing & Compliance - audit work processes and ensure that all work teams and results meet Customer, Watco, and Regulatory requirements
Customer Satisfaction (POD Accuracy) - actively managing all plant processes from initial arrival to final shipping to achieve our POD Accuracy goals. By being a change leader, the Plant Manager will help each work center optimize their role and stay focus on the right goals
Communication - establish clear communication within and between work centers and other plant processes / departments
Customer Relations - actively make sales calls to increase revenue and ensure customers are delighted with the plant's service
Delegate / Support - use effective delegation skills within work teams and support overall business / operational goals
Direct communication with all internal / external customers - the spokesman for all plant operations, customer issues, and works with Watco Corporate to handle any external communication issues that arise
Discipline / Supervision - lead and manage all work processes and employees. Insist discipline processes / work to ensure consistent standards, seek the facts / root cause analysis, and focus on continuous improvement
Efficiency - manage work teams to meet or exceed labor efficiency goals
Environmental Responsibility - ensure that the plant and employees are 100% compliance with all environmental laws and acts as the environmental steward for all plant operations
Financial Accountability - responsible for overall plant profitability and all key financial metrics
Financial Goals & Analysis - understand key goals and use financial tools to achieve profit and cost targets
Goal Setting - leads the goal setting process for the plant management team and employees
Housekeeping - lead by example - always maintain a clean, safe, and productive work environment
In Process Inspection - consistently conduct process and requirements on work centers / teams
Maintenance - ensure all equipment is properly maintained and in safe working order
Managing / Scheduling Car Flow - actively manage and monitor car flow and work center que. Meet or exceed work center car flow cycle time goals.
Problem Resolution - pro-actively apply problem solving skills to a) clearly identify the problem; b) use data / facts to determine root cause; and c) take corrective action
Production Planning - establish a daily production plan and manage all work processes to achieve operational goals and customer service targets
Quality - meet or exceed quality standards on all work that is performed and recognize quality as a key element of customer satisfaction and meeting Watco's business goals. Instill in your team that they are expected to demonstrate the highest work ethics when performing job functions, in dealings with their fellow employees, supervisors or outside customers, auditors or regulatory bodies
Safety - Assure that all daily tool box meetings are held in order to ensure all employees work in safe and effective manner. Insist that all employees meet or exceed our safety standards. Conduct timely investigation of any safety violation and use pro-active management techniques to focus on prevention and corrective action
Switching - use the production planning process to drive the switching plan ensure that the optimal work mix is available at all work centers
Training - ensure that all employees in work center and department are properly training and current on their training requirements.
Quality Work Group - lead continuous improvement efforts within the department and work center
Organization Relationships
The Plant Manager reports directly to the Regional Vice President of Mechanical Services and has a responsibility over all internal / external activities at the plant. The Plant Manager is 100% accountable for the actions of their management team and all employees

A. Education and Training
The Plant Manager should preferably have a four-year degree or equivalent work experience. Candidate should possess competency in the following required skills:
Communication / Interpersonal - ability to clearly communicate and resolve business and personnel issues
Computer / Technology - working knowledge of PC software (MS-Office, Internet, and Repair / Rail systems) for skills of scheduling, communicating and reporting.
Financial / Budgeting - working knowledge of budgeting / financial principles with ability to meet key goals
Human Resource skills - demonstrated experience in hiring, evaluating, developing, disciplining, and terminating employees.
Labor Relations: Experience in negotiating labor contracts, investigating grievences and responding to union requests and concerns. Focus on developing and maintaining a positive relationship with labor.
Leadership skills - ability to lead and motivate cross functional teams to achieve processes and business goals
Management skills - ability to manage diverse teams and ensure work processes meet or exceed all requirements / goals
Process Improvement - understand and apply problem solving skills to seek continuous improvement in all work processes and demonstrated track record of results
Quality Assurance - ensure that all work processes and employees meet or exceed Customer / GBW / Regulatory requirements
Safety - demonstrated knowledge of safety requirements and ability to ensure that all work processes meet or exceed safety requirements and standards
B. Technical Requirements:
5 to 10 years of industry and/or technical experience, of which at least two years should be in operations. In addition, candidate should have a working knowledge of:
Welding, Cutting, and Fabrication
Valve Repair
Railcar/Tank car Cleaning
Railcar/Tank car Repair (All car types)
Railcar /Tank car Repair Procedures & Quality Assurance Manuals
Industry knowledge (AAR, FRA, Tank Regulations)
Hand tool maintenance and proper equipment usage
Locomotive operation and switching
Read/understand blueprints
AAR MSRP, M-1002, Section C, Part III
AAR Field manual inspections and repairs
Welding process variables and proper procedure usage and documentation
Metal processes, including cutting, straightening, forming
Maintenance of welding and cutting equipment
Nondestructive testing requirements of various inspection and repair processes
Understanding of various NDE methods (visual inspection, remote visual inspection, penetrant testing, and leak test)
Valve repair procedures
Truck assembly repairs, recondition if M-214 facility
OSHA and GBW safety standards
Federal Railroad Administration regulations, 49 CFR Parts 100-185 and 49 CFR Parts 210-232
Personal protective equipment requirements and standards
Medical first aid
Application techniques for water-borne, alkyd, epoxy, phenolic, and urethane
Maintenance of airless spray and plural component equipment
Abrasive blast techniques
Maintenance of blast equipment
VOC emission reporting / tracking
Disposal requirements for paint and blast waste
OSHA and GBW safety standards
NACE or GBW certified coating inspector certification
AAR MSRP, M-1002, Section C, Part III
Personal protective equipment requirements and standards
Medical first aid
Abrasive blast techniques
Maintenance of blast equipment
Cleaning techniques including orbital wash, hydro blast, vapor cleaning, chemical/steam cleaning, flare , dig out
Maintenance of process equipment, such as pumps, boiler, etc.
VOC emission reporting / tracking
Handling and disposal requirements for hazardous and non-hazardous waste
OSHA and GBW safety standards
C. Managerial
Five to ten years' experience in managing operations personnel and complex activities. These experiences should be gained in areas of engineering or operations and should include a minimum of five years in operations management.
D. Work Conditions:
Candidate must be able to perform the following physical tasks:
Lift minimum of 50 pounds
Climb, squat, and bend to accomplish necessary repairs
Use respirator as required
24 hour, 7 day a week availability
Work outdoors in all weather conditions
Travel at GBW and customer request - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist