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Qualifications: KS Building Certification
Reports To: Superintendent of Schools
1.Ability to maintain regular and good work attendance and come to work on time.
2.Ability to work constructively and cooperatively with others.
3.Ability to respond to information requests in a courteous, timely and helpful manner.
4.Ability to manage job responsibilities while meeting established deadlines.
5.Ability to maintain confidentiality of student and staff information.
6.Ability to access, input, and retrieve information from a computer.
1.Must be able to manually lift, move, or carry minimum of 50 pounds
2.Requires frequent bending, stooping, reaching, sitting, walking and standing
3. Able to work indoors and outside
1.Responsible to the Superintendent of Schools for the organization, administration, and supervision of the school to which he/she has been assigned and for keeping the Superintendent informed as to the operation of the school and the activities therein.
2.Responsible for providing leadership for the students, teachers, and parents of the school district in accord with the philosophy of the board of education that every child in the district shall receive equal opportunity for quality education.
3. Responsible for providing professional leadership to the teachers of the schools to which he/she has been assigned. They shall schedule and take charge of faculty meetings. They shall inform teachers of their duties and responsibilities, and insure that teachers fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
4.Responsible for assisting in the development of the curriculum.
5.Responsible for ongoing appraisal and evaluation of the instructional program.
6.Responsible for making recommendations concerning the selection assignment and evaluation of building teachers to the superintendent.
7.Responsible for the assignment of duties of the teaching staff and insuring that each staff member has an equitable amount of class and extracurricular assignments.
8.Responsible for maintaining a comprehensive program of in-service training for teachers, and for conducting orientation meetings for teachers new to the district and/or school.
9.Responsible for classification, promotion, or retention of students within their building.
10.Responsible for promoting an effective system of student guidance, developing reasonable rules for student conduct in cooperation with the building faculty, and maintaining high standards of student courtesy.
11.Responsible for overseeing the attendance, conduct, and health of the students, including responsibility for, but not limited to: fire and tornado drills, school enterprises and activities, school exhibits, noon lunch organization, and collection of monies by the building clerk when appropriate.
12.Responsible for maintaining good public relations with the community and for utilizing the community resources to aid in the learning process.
13.Responsible for supervision of the keeping of all records for the school building and for making reports that are required by State law or requested by the superintendent.
14.Responsible for the care of the school building, grounds, furniture, and other property of the school, and for requiring high standards of custodial services and building sanitation in cooperation with other district personnel.
15.Responsible for insuring proper requisitioning of supplies, equipment, and teaching aids for the educational program.
16.Responsible for other tasks as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.
Term of Employment: 10.5 Months - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist